Service Design

A service designer is a person who has the analytic capacity to visualize complex systems to develop complete strategies in which objects, spaces, communication pieces, proceses, speeches, etc.. are connected and assembled to perform specific functions.

These strategies must be able to fulfill the needs of the client (company), the users and the market.

The methodology

The methodolody is inspired on Beckman & Barry (Innovation as a Learning Process: Embedding Design Thinking, 2007) and has six stages:

  As every design process these stages are not always linear

As every design process these stages are not always linear






The co-creation sessions and activities with the clients/ users, if designed properly, will result in more harmonious innovation. The important thing is to include those who are experts in their field, show them how to be more creative and focus their knowledge into innovative problem solving.




Service Design for Impermembranas 

"Impermembranas Ltda. is a company dedicated to waterproofing with high technology materials which attends the construction industry in the private and public sector. It counts with capacity to offer a complete service to the client from the consultancy to the delivery of the final product with the respective guaranty for quality and stability."

The company gave me the opportunity to reform the service. provided by them. They told me that they wanted to increase their sales and expand their client database in relation to the last year (2013).

First approach 

Research, research, research

The first thing I looked into was the products/services and the internal operation of the business.

Understanding how the company worked helped me clarify that I needed to work mainly with the commercial department. This decision was taken with the people in charge of the company because the commercial department handles most of the clients experience within the process and because the time limit was short and they wanted results as fast as they could get them. Although I designed the timeline for the whole service structure I focused on this department more as we had agreed.

Current Service Map

For a better understanding of the processes, actors, objects and channels of the service I made a basic diagram that helped me visualize it better: The service passes from the commercial department to the technical department and then back to the commercial department.

  Pool in building in Santa Barbara Alta, Bogotá D.C. – Impermembranas 2011  

Pool in building in Santa Barbara Alta, Bogotá D.C. – Impermembranas 2011 


I looked into each aspect of the company to fully understand what I was dealing with. I did research on all materials and read the installation manuals. I was new to the waterproofing world and extremely curious how it all worked. I talked to everyone working there and even went to see the workers at the construction site. Exploring the waterproofing and construction market was interesting.

Object/contents/channels research

I analyzed all the objects, contents and channels in which they were presented. I looked at

  • the information given to the custome
  • when they gave it and
  • how they gave it.

I looked at the speeches, the clothing, even the colors.

What I found was that there was too much information and that it could be segmented into different levels of information: Initial and basic, specific and final !


Client Research

For a better understanding of the users of the service I interviewed them and analyzed their needs and longings. I found that there were three profile types of actors and that their main difference was how much they knew about the waterproofing field. I grouped them in categories A, B, and C which represent different levels of knowledge.

Insight: From the investigation it became clear that there were different kinds of information needs: from basic to specific (more technical).


"I thought of a way to build the information to the match the customers knowledge profiles"

Levels of information

The information that exist can be grouped into three categories. I found that by presenting it in the right order (from basic to specific, to final) everthing was easier to understand.


General and specific goals


Increase the sales and the number of clients compared to the last year (2013) by reforming the service provided.


• Reform the suggested service so that a integral structure is made evident by including pre and post service and specifying all channels, actors, objects and interactions or touchpoints.

•Create    a    service    that    differences Impermembranas from other waterproofing companies by designing an service that understands the clients needs. “For businesses, excellent experiences are more lucrative, more rentable and generate more loyal clients” (The Experience Economy, Pine & Gilmore, 1998)

• Propose a service based on knowledge needs, different for every client type, and the existing levels of information by connecting them to the experience offered by Impermembranas.

• Provide the knowledge and the experience of already “knowing” the product for clients of the new segment so that they feel comfortable and relate to it.

Designed Touchpoints

These are some of the touchpoints that I designed and that appear at different moments of the experience.



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